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22nd October
written by Cleone

Hot green bean soup

Growing up, my mom made green bean soup (“Lok dou sa” in Cantonese).  It is a sweet soup which is meant for dessert or snack.  Some Chinese restaurants serve it after dinner and usually throw it in for free on the house.  The restaurants mainly serve the red bean version, which I enjoy as well, but green bean has always been more of a home-made treat.  My mom even made some when I went home for a visit in August!

I picked up a bag of green beans, also called “mung beans”, from the store one day.  It has been sitting in the kitchen pantry for some time.  I asked my mom for the recipe, which I normally do for dishes from my childhood, and she emailed it to me.  I noticed the recipe called for rock sugar, which I was not able to find in the supermarkets here in Hawaii.  When I was grocery shopping with my parents in NY back in August, I bought a couple of packs and brought them home to Hawaii.  I decided to finally make this soup this week!  (Note: brown sugar can be used instead if you cannot find rock sugar) (more…)

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