4th July
written by Cleone



Hope everyone has a great July 4th!


14th April
written by Cleone

Our friends came back from a trip recently and brought back some tasty treats from Narita, Japan!

Juice box sake

Yes, this is Japanese sake in a juice box!  It was actually pretty good sake and super strong.  AM and I had to share one box.  Leave it up to the Japanese to come up with an ingenious way to carry sake around.

Mochi box

The box of mochi was wrapped in such pretty paper that I didn’t want to open it.  Unfortunately for the paper and fortunately for our bellies, I decided to open the box up and have some for dessert tonight.


What a colorful variety of mochi!  We sampled a few and AM tried to trick me by saying they didn’t taste good and proceeded to grab the box and place it on his lap.  I leaned over to grab one and he swatted my hand away!!  When I was able to wrestle some mochi away from his ninja death grip, I did my happy dance.  AM catches me doing my happy dance when I’m eating something really tasty.

So colorful

I had to take the box away from AM or else he would finish the entire thing.  I might have to bring the box to work with me tomorrow just so I can guard it.  HAHA.

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11th January
written by the tasty spot

We finally decided to create a blog to document our adventures in food, travel, and sports.  These things are often times shared with family and friends.  The experience as a whole enhances us and makes our lives just a bit “tastier”.  We throw this term around to not only describe the oral pleasures of the culinary world but to express the joy felt with the other senses as well.

We expect to play around with the format of the site in the coming weeks to create a blog that will aesthetically reflect our vision.  So there will be changes soon.

2009 was a particularly tough year for us with many changes, frustration, and tears.  Although we are only 11 days into 2010 and things haven’t quite improved yet, we have a positive outlook.  We look forward to this new blog, a new year, and many new adventures ahead.

This is only the beginning…


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